Service Updates

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Service cancellations

Today 13:00 - 23:59

Due to driver availability, unfortunately the following journeys will not run:

City Centre > 14:25 & 16:25
Bulbridge > 14:46 & 16:46

City Centre > 15:20 & 17:20
Old Sarum > 15:31 & 17:31

City Centre > 15:55 & 17:55
Bishopdown Farm > 16:06 & 18:06

City Centre > 18:40
Bemerton Heath > 18:54

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused

South Newton Closure

Today 07:00

The 2 service will be diverting from Wilton Roundabout and will turn right at the third exit and head up the avenue joining the A360 up to the first crossroads. The bus will then make a left turn towards Stofford (Swan inn) where it will resume the normal route.

Unfortunately this means that all stops between Wilton and Great Wishford will not be served. We apologise for any inconvenience caused on your journey.

Change of service across Salisbury Reds

6th Jul onwards

There is a change of service across Salisbury Reds because of a road closure. The A36 Southbound is closed in both directions, We have delays on service that go Via A36 and no service on PR15 The X7's are delayed and traveling via Downton. we apologizes for the inconvenience caused, And will update when we have a change to the network. ^SC