Tap On Tap Off contactless payments
Tap On Tap Off: Easy, contactless, paperless!
Cash and contactless
If you only catch the bus now and then, contactless or cash is the best way to pay.
Download the Salisbury Reds app
Your journey made easier with our app.
theKey smartcard is a convenient way of buying your bus tickets safely and securely online.
Children & Young Persons Tickets
Available until your 19th birthday, child and young persons tickets available as day or period passes.
Student Tickets
We provide a number of school bus passes for local schools and colleges in the Wiltshire, Dorset & Hampshire areas.
Concessionary Passes
The concessionary fare scheme is a great deal for the elderly and some people with disabilities.
Salisbury District Hospital Staff Discounts
Hospital employees can claim 10% or 30% off period passes when purchased through Salisbury District Hospital HR.
Park & Ride fares
We operate 5 Park & Ride services across Salisbury giving you convenient access into the city centre. These routes have special fares.