All of our drivers accept contactless payments including Apple Pay and Android Pay, you can purchase singles and returns from the driver using either of these methods. 

All dayrider and explorer tickets are also available from the driver.


Our dayrider tickets are valid throughout the Salisbury saver zone and allow unlimited travel all day

adult - £4.20

child - £2.90

group (up to 5 people) - £14.90

If you are travelling on the activ8 service and would like unlimited travel to and from Andover and anywhere in between then you can buy an activ8 day ticket

activ8 day - £6.60


Our explorer tickets are valid throughout the network zone and allow unlimited travel all day 

adult - £8.80

child - £5.70

group (up to 5 people) - £23.00

Wiltshire day rover

Wiltshire day rover tickets are valid throughout the Wiltshire area and allow unlimited travel all day

adult - £8.50

child - £5.50

group (up to 5 people) - £20.00

saver zone multi-trip tickets & dayrider bundles

If you travel more than a couple of times a week or month, you can buy Saver zone multi-trip tickets on the key smartcard. These are single trip tickets that you can buy in bundles, every time you travel, one trip is deducted. These do not have to be used consecutively. 

There are also bundles of 10 Saver zone dayrider tickets available on the key for £37.50, these are valid for a days unlimited travel and don't have to used consecutively. 

10 trips - £19.30

20 trips - £36.50

30 trips - £54.00

Weekly & Monthly Period Tickets

Weekly and monthly tickets are a great option if you use the bus regularly. The best way to buy them is on the key smartcard. All period passes are available on the key and they're cheaper than buying from the driver, these are valid for consecutive days travel. 

Once you have a key you can top up online, on bus or in the Reds Shop. Alternatively 7 & 30 day paper passes are available from the driver. 90 day passes are available from the Reds travel shop or online only.

Salisbury Saver                paper        the key

7 day                                                                             £14.50                          £14.00

30 day                                                                           £51.00                          £49.00

90 day                                                                             N/A                            £123.00

network                           paper        the key

adult 7 day                                                                    £25.00                         £25.00

adult 30 day                                                                  £97.00                         £94.00

adult 90 day                                                                     N/A                          £215.00

All children under the age of 7 travel for free with a fare paying adult. Any fare paying customer or pass holder (including ENCT) can take up to 2 children with them under the age of 7 for free. Any additional children travelling will be charged the normal child fare (regardless of whether they are under 7 or over). if you are a regular user then you will need our young persons key card, this can be ordered here

child network                  paper         the key

child 7 day                                                                    £20.00                           £20.00

child 30 day                                                                  £76.00                           £74.00

child 90 day                                                                     N/A                            £205.00

Annual Tickets

If you travel regularly you could consider an annual pass which is available on our key smartcard. An annual ticket for the Salisbury zone is £487 and is valid for 1 year.