Cash and contactless

Bus card payment with Salisbury Reds

If you're only planning to take the occasional journey, we offer the ability to pay with cash and contactless. Most of our services offer single and return fares for those odd journeys. You can also pay for dayriders and other tickets on the bus too.

Our drivers carry cash to give change but not large amounts, so please try and keep to paying in coins and small notes. Alternatively, you can use your contactless debit or credit card, smart phone or smart watch using Apple Pay or Android Pay to pay for your fare.


All of our buses accept contactless payments. As long as your card, phone or watch supports contactless payments, you can use it on our buses. Our ticket machines do not support Chip & PIN payments and random spot checking (where your bank will make you perform a Chip & PIN payment every certain number of transactions) will not occur as bus travel is considered an essential service. The usual limit of £30 applies to contactless transactions, however, you can make multiple transactions using the same card.

Using contactless on-board is safe, secure and easy and carries the same level of protection as using Chip & PIN.

You can find out more by downloading our contactless FAQ guide.