Day, multi-day and multi-trip tickets

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If you're going to use a number of our buses on the same day, our unlimited day, multi-day and multi-trip bus tickets are ideal. To ensure you get the best value, our bus tickets are available for different zones – Salisbury Saver zone and Network zone. Take a look at our network maps to see which zone your journey may be in.

Tickets are available from your driver and you can pay using cash or contactless on-board. Some tickets are also available on the Salisbury Reds app and theKey smartcard. This ticket type is not valid on certain school routes.

Group tickets are available too; a group is up to any five people travelling together.

Child tickets are available for those 18 and under. Up to two accompanied children under 7 always travel free when travelling with an adult. Outside of this, a child fare will apply.

Please note that none of these tickets can be used on The Stongehenge Tour.

We also have special fares for our Park & Ride services.

Ticket prices

Salisbury Saver zone

Our dayrider tickets are valid throughout the Salisbury saver zone and allow unlimited travel all day.

Salisbury Saver Zone Adult Child Group
Driver £4.50 £3 £14.50
Salisbury Reds app £4.40   £14.50

activ8 only tickets

Our activ8 dayrider ticket is valid only on the activ8 but allows unlimited travel all day on that route, including Stagecoach journeys.

activ8 only Adult
Driver £6.60
Salisbury Reds app £6.50

Network zone

Our explorer tickets are valid throughout the entire network zone and allow unlimited travel all day. This ticket also allows travel on any morebus, UNIBUS, Damory, Bluestar, Unilink or Salisbury Reds bus right across the South Coast, including travel to Blandford, Bournemouth, Southampton and Swindon. Not valid on morebus night buses.

Network Zone Adult Child Group
Driver £9.20 £6 £24.50
Salisbury Reds app £9   £24

Wiltshire day rover

Wiltshire day rover tickets allow unlimited travel on buses across Wiltshire, including other operators' bus services. This scheme is run by Wiltshire Council. Please visit their website for full information on validity. These tickets are only available from the driver.

A family ticket is either 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children. This differs from our group ticket.

Wiltshire day rover Adult Child Family
Driver £8.50 £5.50 £20

Bundles of dayrider tickets

Bundles of dayriders are perfect if you travel occasionally. Each day you travel one ticket is deducted from your Key. These tickets don't have to be used consecutively. Dayrider bundles are only available on the Salisbury Reds app and theKey.

Salisbury Saver zone 10 day
theKey £39
Salisbury Reds app £39


A cheaper way to pay for single bus journeys on the Salisbury Reds app or theKey. Each trip is valid for one single journey within the Salisbury Saver zone. These do not have to be used consecutively but do need to be used within 2 years of purchase.

Adult 10 trips 20 trips 30 trips
theKey £20.50 £38.50 £58
Salisbury Reds app £20.50 £38.50 £58