Student Tickets

Salisbury Reds student tickets

If you travel to school by bus, you may get your bus pass provided by your local education authority (LEA). The rules are quite complex and can vary in different areas. For all facts surrounding home to school transport, contact your LEA. Salisbury Reds don't provide free school bus passes.

We do issue a number of passes to students who are not entitled to free passes, such as those for routes B1, B2 and B3 to Burgate School and also a number of routes to Trafalgar School at Downton.

In the Salisbury and surrounding area we work with the following LEAS;

If your LEA or college can't help you, we do a range of point to point term tickets. For details, call 01202 338 420.

For more information on school transport in Wiltshire, please call Wiltshire Council on 01225 713365 or email [email protected]

Buy your school and college bus tickets on our scholar passes website.