Children & Young Persons Tickets

Salisbury Reds young persons tickets

If you need information on student tickets, head over to our dedicated student tickets page, or you can purchase these directly on our scholar passes website

Accompanying children under the age of 7 travel for free. Any fare paying adult or pass holder (including ENCTS) can take up to 2 children with them under the age of 7 for free. Any additional children travelling will be charged the normal child fare (regardless of whether they are under 7 or over).

Child fares are available up until your 19th birthday. Many young customers look very grown up and our drivers may want to check your age. We recommend that ID is carried so that your age can be verified, otherwise you may be charged an adult fare.

Child fares are displayed on our day, multi-day and multi-trip tickets and our weekly, monthly and annual tickets pages.

You can get child and young persons tickets from the following places:

  • The Salisbury Reds app
  • On the bus from the driver
  • Over the phone from our customer services team - 01202 338 420