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Coronavirus – buses are running to emergency timetables, please check before travelling

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Coronavirus Updates

1 month ago Fri 17th Apr 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the way we operate our buses has changed. Please check our dedicated page before making any journey.

Last updated: Monday 27th April 16:42

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the way we operate our buses has changed. We have amended many of our processes in order to keep our customers and our colleagues safe, and reduced the number of services we run to match the current key-worker travel demand.

In line with the current government advice, you must not travel unless it is essential. We recognise there is still a need to travel to/from work, school, supermarkets and to care for vulnerable relatives and therefore we are still running a skeleton service.

If you, as a customer, are displaying signs of coronavirus, we ask that you do not use public transport at this time and follow the advice issued by the NHS.

Cleaning and safety

Safety is our number one priority. We are following the advice of the Government and Public Health England and are continually looking at ways to minimise contact and transmission.

Bus operators have extensive cleaning regimes that maintain high levels of hygiene for passengers to protect the health and well-being of their customers and employees. These regimes are carefully monitored and reviewed. We are ensuring a greater focus on high-touch areas and increasing activity where necessary. We have also blocked off certain seats on-board to maintain social distancing, and we are asking customers to pay using contactless or mobile app to minimise cash handling - however, cash payments are still accepted for those who cannot pay by any other means.

We have also installed safety screens in our driving cabs to create a protective layer between our drivers and customers.

Ticket acceptance

Wiltshire Council have relaxed the rules surrounding ENCTS concessionary passes for older people and the disabled. This means they can now travel at any time without restrictions.

How services are running

Our revised timetables reflect the current demand for bus travel whilst trying to maintain a good service for key workers during this difficult time.

Route Summary of changes Timetable
r1 Revised timetable with extra journeys for key workers View
r2 Revised timetable View
r3 Revised timetable View
PR3 Revised timetable View
r4 Revised timetable View
r5 Revised timetable View
r6 Revised timetable View
r7 Normal timetable View
PR7 Revised timetable View
r8 Normal timetable View
PR9 Withdrawn until further notice  
r10 Revised timetable View
r11 Revised timetable View
PR11 Revised timetable View
r12 Normal timetable View
r14 Normal timetable View
PR15 Revised timetable View
morebus X3 Revised timetable View
X4 Revised timetable
Slight amendments to some journey times from Thursday 23rd April
X5 Revised timetable View
X7/X7R Revised timetable View
2 Revised timetable with the 0900 journey on Saturday from Great Wishford withdrawn View
activ8 Revised timetable View
19 Normal timetable View
Damory 20 Normal timetable View
25 Normal timetable View
26 Normal timetable View
26A Normal timetable View
27 Normal timetable View
29/29A Normal timetable View
37 Normal timetable View
44/44A Normal timetable View
Damory 49 Normal timetable View
66 Normal timetable View
86 Withdrawn as of Friday 24th April  
87/88 Normal timetable View
101/102 Normal timetable View
103 Normal timetable View
201 Normal timetable View
210 Normal timetable View
217 Normal timetable View
X20 Normal timetable View

Some roadside and website/mobile app live time information may be inaccurate - view our guide on this. We are updating printed roadside publicity at key hub bus stops, but lesser used stops may be incorrect.

If as a result of these changes, as a key worker, you are experiencing difficulties in travelling to and from work, please do contact us and let us know your requirements.

This situation will be reviewed regularly, and if we need to make any further changes, we will update you in the normal way.

Customer support

Our Salisbury travel shop is closed until further notice - this will continue until the government restrictions have been lifted.

Our customer service team continue to be on hand to assist with any queries you may have, but they are operating to revised hours: Monday to Friday 8am until 5pm with a lunchtime closure between 1pm and 1:30pm, until further notice. We ask that if your query isn't urgent, that you contact us using the online form as our telephone resource is limited.

Thank you!

Once again, we pay thanks to our fantastic colleagues who are still keeping the wheels turning, and to you, our customers, for your support and cooperation in this difficult time.

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