Timetable changes from 15th June

10 months ago Wed 10th Jun 2020

Image reading 'Timetable changes from Monday 15th June for routes 44, 66, 87, X4 and X7'

Due to some schools in Salisbury returning from Monday 15th June, there will be some changes at school times to routes 44, 66, X4 and X7.

Additionally, Shaftesbury Town Council are closing Shaftesbury High Street from 15th June until further notice to assist with social distancing measures. As a result, the 27 and 29 will divert to use Bell Street car park as the main town terminus instead of outside the Town Hall. The stops in Salisbury Road will be unable to be served during this time too. Our changes will apply to all journeys on services 27 and 29 from 15th June.

Route Summary PDF Timetable
44 The 16:20 journey from Salisbury to Woodfalls is replaced by journeys at 16:05 (starting from South Wilts Grammar School at 15:52) and 16:15 instead. Additionally, the 17:05 journey from Woodfalls to Salisbury will not run again until the summer school holidays. View
66 An extra bus will run at 07:15 from Shipton Bellinger to Salisbury and the bus from Salisbury at 16:15 will continue to Shipton Bellinger. View
X4 The 07:35 from Salisbury to Larkhill will run at the schoolday time of 07:18 and run via Bulford Camp. The 15:53 from Salisbury will run at the schoolday time of 15:45 and divert via South Wilts Grammar School. An extra bus will run at 07:20 from Larkhill to Salisbury. View
X7 An additional journey will run at 16:10 (15:57 from South Wilts Grammar School) to Sherfield English. View

Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you on-board again soon.