Salisbury Park&Ride Services


Our Park & Ride services run up to every 30 minutes between the sites and City Centre.



Type of Ticket Price
Adult Return £3
Group* Return £4
10 Journey Ticket £14
Group 10 Journey Ticket £18
60 Trip Ticket £70


*a group is up to 4 people travelling together.  Extra people in the group will be charged at £1.

The most convenient way to pay is via contactless, our drivers also accept cash and carry change.  If you wish to purchase a 10 journey ticket why not try the Salisbury Reds app where your phone becomes your ticket.

Our Routes

P&R 3

Park&Ride 3 - Wilton

To Wilton, Bulbridge and Ditchampton. Catch the bus from stand S on New Canal and stand F on Fisherton Street in the City Centre. Buses also stop close to the Rail Station in Fisherton Street.

view PR3 timetable

P&R 7

Park&Ride 7 - London Road

To London Road & Bishopdown Farm. Park&Ride 7 will continue beyond the park and ride site to serve Bishopdown Farm and Hampton Park housing estates. Catch the Park&Ride 7 from Stop L on Blue Boar Row and stop H on Castle Street. Later journeys back to the Park&Ride site are available on Red 2.

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P&R 9

Park&Ride 9 - Britford

To Britford. Park&Ride 9 serves every stop along its route into and out of the City Centre. The first two X3 buses towards Salisbury operate via the site in the morning. Catch the PR9 from stop W in Milford Street. Later journeys on the X3 from Salisbury call outside the Park&Ride site.

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P&R 11

Park&Ride 11 - Beehive

To Beehive. Park&Ride 11 continues beyond the Beehive site to Old Sarum. Catch the PR11 from stop J outside Iceland in Castle Street.

view PR11 timetable

P&R 15

Park&Ride 15 - Petersfinger

To Petersfinger. Park&Ride 15 will stop at all stops into and out of the City Centre. Catch the bus from Stop W on Milford Street in the City Centre.

view PR15 timetable

Quick guide to first and last buses

Download our handy guide to our first and last buses from the city centre.



How to find Salisbury Park & Ride Sites

If you're travelling into Salisbury from further afield you can download our handy map here. Postcodes for each site are listed so it couldn't be easier to get to the Park & Ride site of your choice.

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Where to catch your bus...

Once you've decided which Salisbury Park&Ride site you are using, you can check where to get on and off your bus in Salisbury with our city centre map.

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