Salisbury Reds Community Fund

Salisbury Reds Community Fund

Every month, Salisbury Reds is approached by many organisations in the community asking for help, or donations towards their local efforts. In the past, we have dealt with these requests in a very ad-hoc manner and the result differs dramatically depending on who gets the call, question or email.

Our Community Fund is a dedicated resource for supporting local causes, charities and organisations, whether it is monetary support, marketing help, free travel or the use of a bus/coach for an event required.

The Community Fund is open for applications from everyone in our local community; whether it’s a charity, a sports team, a school or a one of the local events that makes Salisbury and the wider Wiltshire area an exciting place to live.

Local people are able to apply via our website and we have two rounds of applications per year in April and October. There is a judging panel to see which causes we can support and this will involve some of our local management team. This process will help us streamline the constant requests we get for help and support and ensure we give to the ones that fit closely with our brands.

Causes we've helped

We have supported many projects through the community fund including:

Salisbury Transition City

Salisbury Transition City

We showed our support for Salisbury Transition City’s People in the Park event by providing a funding boost.

Salisbury Reds is committed to bringing additional sustainable transport to the city - and recently announced a successful joint bid with Wiltshire Council for government funding under the Zero Emission Bus Regional Area Scheme, that will see 23 more electric buses arrive in Salisbury.

Salisbury Transition City’s People in the Park event is all about sustainability, so we were delighted to support the event by donating £500 from our April 2024 Community Fund.

Disability Interest Group of Salisbury (DIGS)

DIGS Community Fund October 2023 winners

DIGS are passionate about these green, local areas and the positive boost they provide for both physical and mental health.

The £500 awarded helped support the 'Play for Everyone' initiative. The project is designed to ensure that parks and green spaces are accessible and have accessible equipment in all wards - to allow children to play locally, rather than parents having to transport them across town.

Salisbury Safe Places

Salisbury Safe Places

The local Safe Places scheme is run by Safer and Supportive Salisbury. It uses a network of the city’s shops, cafes, public places and other venues where anyone who feels frightened, distressed, disoriented or at risk while they are out-and-about in the area can go to for support and help straight away. 

Our £500 donation helped to provide vulnerable people with much needed support in our community.

How does it work?

There are two months a year where local charities, organizations and events can apply for community funding, donated by us. These months are April and October.

This application could be as small as a raffle prize or as large as a £500 donation. We have a total of £500 to give away, twice per year.

It will be at the discretion of the assigned judging panel to select the worthiest causes and allocate the support/donation to the causes they feel would most benefit from our support.

By applying for the community fund, applicants must agree and acknowledge that Salisbury Reds must be given the opportunity to take a press photograph at the applicant's premises/with their cause/group in order to issue a press release that they will be obliged to provide a comment for. They agree that this will be used on the Salisbury Reds website and social media channels.

What is the benefit?

The Community Fund enables us to engage and support the local community as needed, allowing us to build firm relationships within the community, while making support more accessible – providing a fairer system and inviting applications twice annually.

All you need to do is fill in our online form to apply, which will be live from 1 October 2024.