Salisbury Reds theKey

theKey smartcard is one way of buying your bus tickets safely and securely online. For first time key purhcases there is a £5 administration fee (payable from 17 April 2022). Once you have topped up, it will only take 3 hours for your online bus ticket to load and then your Key card is ready for use on the bus. However, if you want your ticket to be available instantly, why not switch to our Salisbury Reds app where your phone becomes your ticket and they are available to use immediately?

If you've registered your Key, we will be able to replace your card and any tickets on it if it gets lost, stolen or damaged. Please note that replacement Key cards cannot be obtained from the travel shop. If you need to replace your card, contact our Customer Services team on 01202 338 420 who can assist you further. A £5 replacement charge applies.

How theKey works

Simply follow the steps below to get your Key, load your bus tickets and travel with ease! 

  1. Order your Key online
  2. Allow 2 working days for your key to arrive in the post 
  3. Login online and purchase your preferred bus tickets
  4. Wait 3 hours for your online bus ticket to load onto your Key card
  5. Hold theKey for 5 seconds on the bus ticket machine to activate for the first time, anytime thereafter just wait for the green light!
  6. Enjoy travelling and saving money with the Key!

Bus tickets available on theKey

You can buy weekly, monthly, 90 day or annual tickets on theKey as well as bundles of single tickets and dayriders.

Child bus tickets on theKey

Child bus tickets are also available on theKey. Currently, only child network tickets are available for purchase. This covers travel on  Salisbury Reds, morebus, Bluestar & Swindon Bus.

For more information on which child tickets are available on theKey and for prices, take a look at our child and young persons tickets section.

Already got a Key card?

Make sure you register your details to your Key so that you can top-up online. This also ensures that should your Key get lost, stolen or damaged, we can transfer any remaining bus tickets onto a replacement card.

Keep me, don't bin me!

Please look after your Key and don’t throw it away. You can use the same Key card time and time again.