The Packway, Larkhill - Road Improvements - 8th to 23rd April - Services X4 & X5

These works will be carried out in three phases. The Packway Garage bus stops will be suspended throughout and temporary bus stops will be placed towards the Garrison Entrance.

Phase 1

8th to 12th April

Day time traffic lights. No change to services.

Phase 2

15th to 18th april

Total night time closure between 1900 and 0700. Services to approach Larkhill from Countess Road using Fargo Road, then continue to the lower end of Alanbrooke Road, (immediately after the 30mph signs approaching married quarters) continue to the end, turning left onto the Packway and proceed to the Medical Centre. On departure from the Medical Centre at the end of Bingham Road the bus will turn right on to Alanbrooke Road, the bus will then make it's way back to Countess Road via Fargo Road to resume the normal route.

Phase 3

23rd April

Total night time closure for White Lining. The diversion details are the same as Phase 2.

Please note that there are no weekend or Bank Holiday workings.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.