Closure on Church Street, Tisbury - 11th to 13th March - Service 26

During this period it will not be possible to serve Church/Union Street Tisbury.

On the Monday & Wednesday 0930 journey, the 26 servicewill need to continue to either The South Western or Three Arch Bridge to turn, returning to The Square to pick up passengers and resume the normal route. It will not be possible to access the St John's Close bus stop. On the 1415 journey, if The Avenue is required this will also have to proceed as the AM journey to serve The Square.

On the Tuesday 0900 journey, after serving Newtown, the service will continue direct to The Beckford Arms, turn right onto Hindon Lane, continuing through Tisbury to The South Western or Three Arched Bridge to turn and return Tisbury Square, where the normal service will be resumed.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.