Bemerton Heath Closure - Morning Journeys to Laverstock Schools - Services 66 & 663

With the schools returning W/C 2nd September these additional services will be affected, the following arrangements will apply:


07:16 Service 66 from Devizes Rd


Following existing route but will need to divert via Woodside Road and pick up at the temporary bus stop at 07:26 (Sarum Academy time). Given that the bus goes "direct" to Skew Bridge and gets 7 mins it should wait until 07:28 to depart.


07:12 Service 663 from Skew Bridge


In order to go the same way round Woodside Road this journey, on leaving Skew Bridge will need to use Roman, Pembroke, Queen Alexandra, Tournament, St Michael’s Roads and The Valley to reach Woodside Road at 07:15 (Sarum Academy time). This journey to leave straight away as it has a longer route via Festival Avenue and Gainsborough Close to reach Coronation Road at 07:21.