A27 Whiteparish road closure - 17th June to 11th July - 0930 to 1530 - Weekdays only - Service X7/X7R

Please note that on Thursday 27th June there will be NO services through Whiteparish between the hours of 0930 and 1530.

These works will be phased. The eastern side (Brickworth to the Church) will take place 13th to 26th June. The western side (Church towards Cowesfield Green 28th June to 11th July. The western side will need to be closed a second time before completion, to adjust ironwork & white line. The date for this will be informed nearer the time.

On Thursday 27th June from 0900 to 1545 both the A27 and Common Road will be closed, denying access/egress from any direction, consequently we will be unable to serve Whiteparish during the times above. Services will remain on the A36



Due to the timing of the closure NO school buses will be affected.

During phase one, services will remain on the A36, turning into Common Road and continue to the church, here the X7R will resume its normal route. The X7 will turn right at the church and turn at Green Close (opposite The Parish Lantern) return to the church and resume the normal route. The same route will be used in reverse for Salisbury bound services.

During phase two the X7 will be unaffected, the X7R will serve as far as Whiteparish Church, take Common Road to the A36, turn left and continue to Whinwhistle Road, continue on this road until Shootash, turn right onto the A27 and resume the normal route.

It will not be possible to serve any bus stops between Shootash and Whiteparish Church, the same route will be used in reverse for Salisbury bound services.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.