Pembroke Park Primary School Receive Salisbury Reds Community Fund

Salisbury Reds Pembroke Park Community Fund

A local parent and teacher association has received our latest Community Fund donation.

Pembroke Park PTFA is running a new scheme called Thrive - which helps children through difficult times in their lives. Now the association has been chosen as one of the recipients of Salisbury Reds’ Community Fund.

“This is our pledge to support those living in areas where we operate bus services,” said Salisbury Reds’ Alex Makwana. “It is important that we build strong relationships with local charities, clubs and organisations.

“Thrive is a wonderful initiative - and I am delighted we are able to help with its development.”

The PTFA will use the £500 towards setting up Thrive - an area of the school where children can relax and talk if they want to.

“They may be going through a number of issues - perhaps their parents are divorcing or maybe they are suffering mental problems,” added Lisa Davies from Pembroke Park. “Our new Thrive space is a safe and supportive place for them to come to, where they will have the opportunity to relax and talk if they would like.

“The backing of local companies like Salisbury Reds will help us to expand the help we provide here - as well as making this area of the school a lovely place to come to when children feel at their most vulnerable. We would like to thank Salisbury Reds for its generous support.”

The Salisbury Reds Community Fund is open to applicants all year round but the next funding allocation is due in June 2020. To apply, simply complete our online form and tell us about your cause, what you need, and the difference the support might make to your organisation. To find out more, visit our Community Fund information page and good luck!