Closure of the road through Ludgershall on activ8 service

3 months ago Tue 17th Mar 2020

This closure to enable the road surface to be patched prior to surface dressing in 2021 will prevent buses from passing through Ludgershall between 0900 and 1500 from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th March. Click here to view the temporary timetable which will be in operation during the closure.

Andover to Salisbury and Salisbury to Andover: through journeys will divert via the A303 and will not serve stops between Gregory's Corner (Andover) and Beech Hill Road (Tidworth). All stops in Tidworth will have slightly revised times - please check the temporary timetable for details.

From Andover towards Salisbury the route in Tidworth will be Zouch (clockwise), Kennet Road and Station Road then as normal from Hampshire Cross

From Salisbury towards Andover the route in Tidworth from Hampshire Cross will be Station Road, Kennet Road and Zouch (anti-clockwise) then the diversionary route towards Andover. 

Andover to Tidworth Connolly Way short journeys will be reduced to run hourly due to the longer diversionary route, and will not serve stops between Weyhill Fairground and Ludgershall (Co-op/Tesco Express).

These buses leave Andover at 20 past each hour and will divert  from Weyhill along Amesbury Road, A303, Cholderton and A338 to Tidworth Station Road, from where they will run via Kennet Road, Zouch (clockwise), A338 (for Connolly Way) and Windmill Drive to Ludgershall Memorial.

They will return from Ludgershall at 25 past the hour and will then run from Ludgershall via Windmill Drive, Oatway Road, Zouch (anti-clockwise), Station Road, Kennet Road and the A338, A303 and Salisbury Road to rejoin the normal route at Weyhill.

In Tidworth, all buses will leave from the normal side of the road appropriate to their destination EXCEPT for buses from Zouch to Ludgershall, but times will be different.

Passengers from Ludgershall towards Bulford, Amesbury and Salisbury should catch the bus at 25 past the hour and change at Station Road in Tidworth.

Passengers from Andover to Weyhill and Ludgershall should use the bus at 20 past the hour from Andover.

Passengers from Ludgershall to Weyhill and Andover should catch the bus as 25 past the hour from the Memorial.